A little about me...

I strive to work hard and live hard. I love to eat good food, travel anywhere new, attend shows, and achieve goals. Challenges and positive influences are welcomed and pursued. I seek to be inspired and learn new topics, but I also enjoy a healthy dose of relaxation. Fond of the great outdoors and all activities water related, I crave new adventures and making memories.

I am passionate about helping people and providing others with the tools to better themselves in a variety of aspects. My interest for software development mostly comes from this, in addition to my enjoyment in solving puzzles and showcasing my creativity on such a versatile platform.

I began my professional career in the legal field. I particularly enjoyed studying the law and was fascinated by the unusual and unique ways it could be used. However, my passion shifted over time and I grew an interest in technology. I began teaching myself Python using various online tools. Any free moment I had, I found myself attempting to solve coding problems, but I did not feel like I was learning enough. I realized a change in career path was necessary. This led me to find Code Builders, a nine month, intensive, developer apprenticeship program where I could pursue my ambition to become a software developer.